Bronze Award in Best Social Action Project

We are delighted to announce that Kahaila-Reflex has received the Bronze Award in the Best Social Action Project category at the 2018 Christian Funders’ Forum Awards.

The awards showcase many powerful initiatives that are at work in communities across the UK and demonstrate how faith groups contribute at least £3 billion worth of social and welfare support to the UK every year, helping 48 million in the process.

It is such an honour to receive this award. At Kahaila we are passionate about having a positive social impact on our community and we have seen that working with young women in prison is a key way of doing this.

Kahaila-Reflex works with young women in prison and through-the-gate into the community. We provide support by building positive, supporting relationships with women in prison through mentoring, outreach, chaplaincy support and delivering accredited life skills 'myLife' courses.

In that past six years we have worked alongside over 450 women and we are grateful for each and every individual we have had the privilege of working with along the way.

We are incredibly proud of the amazing staff team who make the project happen and so grateful to every individual and funding body who champion and support our work.

As budget cuts continue to place added strain on local authorities, health services and police forces, churches and Christian charities are responding by providing innovative solutions to problems at the heart of our communities.

James Laing, Director of Grants and Relationships at Allchurches Trust, who sponsored the award said:

“The kind of support that Kahaila offers to women in prisons is vital to helping them realise their potential and giving them skills and knowledge to build a brighter future...It’s fantastic to see them continuing to develop innovative and impactful programmes that make positive change to people’s lives.”

Thank you to The Christian Funders’ Forum for your recognition of our project and supporting the women we work with to make a positive step towards their future!

The Kahaila Reflex Team

The Christian Funders’ Forum is a group of executives of grant making trusts and foundations. Members of the forum grant more than £30 million a year to Christian work. The Forum meets regularly to encourage the sharing of best practice and to work together wherever that is possible. Each year members of the Christian Funders’ Forum give over £30 million to Christian mission both in the UK and overseas. Some of the most innovative projects funded by the member organisations over the past year were recognised at the awards ceremony in London on 7 November.